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Advertise your business on The Learning to Love TV Show, with Host, April B. Love

Reach over 50 Million homes Globally!

Commercial Ads run once (1x) during the Show for two (2) consecutive weeks.

Show Airs every Wednesday at 8:30PM EST

Purchase Options
30 Seconds $112.50
45 Seconds $175
90 Seconds $275

Commercial Feature
Special 2 Minute Commercial Feature $325

2 Minute Feature runs during one (1x) show
(30 second commercial included- runs on two (2x) shows)

The Commercial Feature is a small Bio clip of the owner, and also incorporating the commercial as well. The two-minute Commercial Feature will run for 1 week, during 1 show. The 30 second commercial will run for two (2) shows.
Commercial Features are also featured on the Social Media Outlets (YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook)

The show is viewed live on the Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Tikilive, Glorystar, Iphone, Android phones, and on any SmartTV! The show airs on Atlanta Local Channel 16.5. Viewers can search their App store for the Preach the Word Worldwide Network TV app on their cell phones or TV for access. 


Video Specs

MP4 File Format (accepted only)

Video Resolution Size
1280 x 720 or
1920 x 1080 

Commercial Samples

Real Commercials!

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