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April B. Love, MBA, PHR

Talk Show Host | Global Author | Web Designer

Graphic Designer | Digital Content Creator |

Serial Generational Curse Breaker | Serial Business Owner | Human Resources Executive & Recruiter | Loving Mother of 2  



Whew chile, there's so much I could share, but I'll try to make it brief!

April is a Talk Show Host, Global Author, and Web Designer based in Atlanta, GA. She is also well known for her graphic design, human resources, and business development proficiencies. One could say she created her own sunlight by stepping out of the shade to live a life she loves. Have you stepped out of the shadows of your ancestors and created your own sunlight? It takes faith, and April has certainly stepped out on faith.

In her late teenage years, she moved to Atlanta, away from her family and everything she once called home. Absent the protection of a father or spouse, she has proven that all things are possible through Christ. She is a serial generational curse breaker and strives to leave a powerful legacy of wealth and love. She has written extensively about her journey of breaking generational curses and authored the global-selling lessons interpreted: The Brown Girl, a Generational Curse Breaker Journal.

One of her most notable accomplishments is hosting the talk show, “Learning to Love.” April’s synthesis of real-life testimonies and her conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate, spiritual, and individual level.

She is often referred to as “Super Mom,” for her commitment to create change within her family by raising her children to be resilient beings and fully supporting their passions and pursuits. She has an undeniable bond with her daughters, as they are a mother-daughter trio, an elite squad of Goal Diggers!

April is also known as a “Change Agent” for her coaching skills that bring out the best in people. Around her you are guaranteed to “step your game all the way up.” She engages in thought leadership and consistently shares her wisdom, perspective, and insights in business, career development, parenting, and faith. Her continuous learning efforts come from a life-long obsession with changing the narrative and making things happen.

Filmed at the Tyler Perry Studio, April has appeared in 10 episodes of the Divorce Court TV Show. She has been featured in the Voyage Atlanta Magazine in 2007, 2020, and 2023 as one of the Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories. April has broadcasted her TV Show “Learning to Love” on the PTWWN network for two seasons, which is currently aired weekly on Amazon Fire TV, Direct TV, Comcast, Roku, GloryStar, TikiLive, Atlanta local TV channel 6, and Upstate NY local TV channel 32.3.

April is a business guru who Studied Abroad in London & Paris. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Human Resources, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Project management, and an Associate’s degree in Visual Communications (Graphic & Web Design). She credits her compelling career and accomplishments to her loving children. This along with her successes with major brands such as American Express, AT&T, Allstate, Bank of America, and numerous Fortune 10 and 500 companies, contributes to her wealth of knowledge and experience across myriad industries. April is committed to self-improvement and constantly explores various disciplines to broaden her knowledge in the world of business.

2021 -

Talk Show Host 

God's divine purpose. This is where her passions intertwine. As a talk show host, April blends her calling of being a Change Agent, along with her faith-based parenting, and experience with healing and forgiveness.

2022 -

Small Business Advisory Board Member

From large Corps, established med./small businesses, to individuals with a vision. April is a natural with business development, and now serves on Atlanta Technical College

2015 -

Certified Professional in HR

April gained entry into the HR field in 2015, earned her MBA in HR in 2016, and her PHR certification in 2020.  She is passionate about managing HR teams and recruiting top quality talent

2007 -

Notary Public

Public officer appointed by a GA State Government to help prevent fraud by witnessing the signing of documents and verifying their authenticity

2004 -

Graphic & Web Design

She is a "STEM Girl who Codes!" April is well-versed in Graphic & Web Design, Digital Content Creation, as well as print production 

2023 -

Chair- Digital Engagement Committee

Continuing her service to the communities, April is the Chair of Atlanta Technical College's Alumni - Digital Engagement and Communication Committee

2020 -

Global Author

April authored "The Brown Girl , a Generational Curse Breaker Journal." It has taken the internet by storm, selling in multiple countries, including Canada and Europe

2010 -

Small Business Consulting

April is instrumental in assisting small businesses with hitting the ground running. From the business plan, incorporating, and building the website, she provides a wealth of asssitance to business owners

2007 -

Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent

Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent in the State of Georgia since 2007

1998 -

Public Speaking

Her first public speech was in 1998, she then began participating in the SC 106.3 Radio Station’s “Tell it Like it is” sessions with Michael Brooks. April has been public speaking ever since


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