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Learning To Love

Learning to Love with April B. Love is an Inspirational Talk Show aired globally on the PTWWN TV Station (Upstate New York local channel 32.3). 

This show embodies learning to truly love God, yourself, your children, spouse, family, and others. This is something that should come naturally, but so many of us miss the mark daily as it relates to displaying love, as well as loving ourselves. 

We will discuss topics such as faith-based parenting, surviving past traumatic experiences, leading and managing with love, self-love, self-care, and more. We will also have God + Glam segments, and various efforts to support teens, single parents, graduates, women, and Black Owned Businesses. Our guests will be from all walks of life and will pour a plethora of inspiration into our audience, as they share their stories. We understand that those who are in the "spotlight" are always in the spotlight, therefore we want to shed some light on everyday individuals who are dynamic, the hidden gems! So tune in and join us, you will be truly blessed!  

You can watch the Live show Globally on the Roku, Amazon FireTV, FireStick, Direct TV (channel 5554), Apple TV, Tikilive, Glorystar, Iphone, and Android phones! Search the App Store for "PTWWN TV," download / launch the App and scroll down to "Upstate New York." The show airs on Upstate New York Local Channel 32.3. Now also Streaming on YouTube @ April B. Love. Subscribe to the channel! Tune into the TV Show every Wednesday at 8:30 - 9:00 PM EST. See you there! 

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