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The Brown Girl: A Generational Curse Breaker Journal

A guide to help you Break Generation Curses by journaling, healing, forgiving, and creating a powerful legacy!

Self-made Series Part I of III

  • Identify & Break Generational Curses

  • Let go and live a happier life

  • Identify your gifts & maximize them

  • Self-esteem booster

  • Learn to forgive others and yourself

Gift Ideas

  • For Women & Teen Girls

  • Excellent for yourself, or a Gift for your Family & Friends

  • Great Gift for teams and inspirational groups

  • Awesome Valentines & Birthday Gifts!

  • Great trinket for gatherings such as Family Reunions, Summits, & more!



Perfect Bound Paperback finish,  Size 6 x 9, with 100 pages. Content available in strong and soft language. 


Compact Notary Journal

This Notary Journal is a classic- designed for the sophisticated Notary Public! It's perfect for the office, but sleek enough for on-the-go Notaries. This notary log book is designed to help you maintain a written record of your notary acts. Maintaining a Notary Journal is essential to keeping a detailed record in the event the official document(s) is lost, challenged in court, or altered. There are 224 entries in this journal. The design offers a Compact 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) style, very cute and sleek! 

Each entry includes fields for:

  • Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Identification, and Signature of the Signer

  • Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and Signature of the Witness

  • Document type and date of the document

  • Date and Time signed

  • Fees charged

  • Thumb print of the Signer

  • Comment Section (for additional details)

  • Service Performed

  • Record Number - you can start the number where you last left off!

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